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Exquisite bodyguard (2023)

Kualitas: HD
Rating: 0 / 10 (0)
Negara: China
Sutradara: Yuan Guangan
Tahun Rilis: 2023
Durasi: 71 Mins.
Sinopsis: Professional bodyguards Jiang Nanying, Hu Lifei, and Ma Yanni are commissioned by the international pharmaceutical dealer Bai Sili to jointly protect the returning medical genius Huang Jiadong. Jiang Nanying and Huang Jiadong have experienced life and death together, and in the process, they fall in love and got married. However, during their wedding, Huang Jiadong is kidnapped once again. It turns out that Huang Jiadong was initially pursued by the gang leader Laka, and later deceived and controlled by his fellow martial brother Bai Sili to develop drugs. Under common interests, Laka and Bai Sili, the two major drug lords, conspire together. Jiang Nanying is in a difficult situation, surrounded on all sides and facing a crisis. She not only has to fight for her loved one but also for justice. How will she passionately fight against drug trafficking and sacrifice herself to eliminate evil?

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