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Fate of Devil Devastation (2023)

Kualitas: HD
Rating: 0 / 10 (0)
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Negara: China
Sutradara: Joshua Chan
Tahun Rilis: 2023
Durasi: 81 Mins.
Sinopsis: The rebellious and perverse young hero You Fang accidentally reveals his origin as a descendant of the demon clan in order to rescue his companion Cai Wei who is investigating the disappearance of a virgin girl. The sorcerer Xuanzhen and the new demon king Ogino are in pursuit. Fortunately, You Fang's master Zhuge Shifang came to the rescue and guided You Fang and Caiwei to Shenpo Temple to seek help from their old friend Master Wuchen to solve the mystery of the Book of Heaven. On the way to escape, Yu Fang was forced to join forces with his twin brother Diye to fight against the ruthless killers E Xiu Luo and Wang Liang Wan sent by Xuanzhen. In the end, brotherhood defeated the hostility between humans and demons. You Fang, who had good intentions, was willing to absorb the Twin Magic Pills, which attracted Jing Po Tian Lei. With the heart of saving the common people, he fought to the death with the sorcerer Xuan Zhen.

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