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Fights Break Sphere (2023)

Kualitas: HD
Rating: 0 / 10 (0)
Genre: Action
Negara: China
Sutradara: Zhao Xiao Ding
Tahun Rilis: 2023
Durasi: 93 Mins.
Sinopsis: Xiao Yan, the third young master of one of the three great families in Utan City, became the laughingstock of many because of his low Dou Qi level. After being humiliated by the breaking off of his engagement with Na Lan Yan Ran, a senior disciple of the Yun Lan Sect, Xiao Yan couldn’t bear the disgrace and thus made a pact with Yan Ran, stipulating that they would settle their engagement by a martial art competition after three years. To raise his Dou Qi level, Xiao Yan traveled to the Mountain of Magic Beast where he met a little Physician Immortal, and was caught up in a dispute with the Wolf Head Corps. While hiding from the Wolf Head Corps, Xiao Yan accidently witnessed a battle between Yun Zhi, who reached the Dou Huang Level, and the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King. Xiao saved Yun Zhi when she was defeated by the Lion King, and two of them decided to challenge the Lion King again after some twists and turns. They split up and finally succeeded. Yun Zhi then secretly left, and Xiao Yan also decided to leave the Mountain Magic Beast for the Dessert of Snake Clan…

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Nonton Fights Break Sphere (2023)

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