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The Ghost Town (2024)

Kualitas: HD
Rating: 0 / 10 (0)
Negara: China
Sutradara: 0
Tahun Rilis: 2024
Durasi: 60 Mins.
Sinopsis: Shen Mansion's young lady, Chu Qi, heard that her sister, Shen Shi San, who had been inseparable from her since childhood, went missing while searching for a specific medicine. In a desperate situation, she had a conflict with the medicine vendor Wang Wu. Chu Qi was rescued by Gu Yusheng, the son of a military officer and her childhood friend. Wang Wu fled, but mysteriously died that night. The investigating officer, Wu Xu, guided by clues, identified Chu Qi as the suspect. Driven by her concern for her missing sister, Chu Qi broke into the charity house at night to search for clues on Wang Wu's body. The clues pointed to a place called "Fengming Town." Coincidentally, Wu Xu, who came to inspect the body, apprehended Chu Qi. In a struggle, Chu Qi accidentally tore her clothes. Wu Xu, in an unexpected gesture, lent her his own clothes and accidentally dropped his police badge. Chu Qi successfully entered Fengming Town under the identity of "Officer Wu." However, the village was shrouded in mystery, and villagers Chu Qi had interacted with died under strange and eerie circumstances. In a desperate situation, Officer Wu Xu and Gu Yusheng successively arrived at Fengming Town. They experienced various bizarre and mysterious events, gradually uncovering the truth behind the villagers' deaths. The tragic fate of Shen Shi San became clearer, and subtle changes occurred in the relationships among the three individuals. However, they were unaware that they had become the targets of a hidden puppeteer.

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