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Third Pair of Shoe Prints (2023)

Kualitas: HD
Rating: 0 / 10 (0)
Negara: China
Sutradara: Xiang Yang
Tahun Rilis: 2023
Durasi: 92 Mins.
Sinopsis: In a flower bed beside a construction site in the contemporary urban city of Jiangcheng, the body of a young woman is discovered. The deceased, in her twenties, is beautiful and fashionable, but her death is shrouded in mystery. Criminal Investigation Brigade Captain Yan Yan leads the team to investigate this unnamed female corpse case. The investigation reveals that the victim's belongings have been looted, and her identity cannot be determined at the moment. Prior to her death, the victim engaged in a struggle with someone, resulting in fatal head injuries from blunt force trauma. Subsequently, she was dragged and hidden deep in the flower bed. As Captain Yan Yan and his team investigate, after several twists and turns and the elimination of suspect Zhang Jun, they apprehend the prime suspect, Liu Simin. Following her confession, the astute Captain Yan Yan discovers inconsistencies and ultimately captures the mastermind behind the case

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Nonton Third Pair of Shoe Prints (2023)

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